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Copywriter, Editor, Essayist, listicle-smith, poet, creator of personal blog “Calderón de la Saga” — where I (barely) survive human relationships in Spanish.

Five Urban Legends of Latinx Dead Women Ending Unfaithful Men / Cinco leyendas de mujeres espeluznantes cazando hombres infieles

The motives behind these stories are mildly reminiscent of some of the gorier tales by the brothers Grimm, in which heroes would go on journeys where they lose fingers and bargain with the devil’s grandmother, all so parents could have a cold, hard, factual story to scare their children into not to going into the forest alone. That seems to be the purpose of urban legends: to keep kids away from strangers, deep waters, and streets at night. While Latinx urban legends are no exception, once we trace the roots of them back to their beginnings, they start to seem more like stories to scare grown men out of cheating and, frankly, women out of marriage.

Female Latina and Hispanic Characters that Don't Suck

I grew up on Gabriel García Márquez and Julio Cortázar, and as is the case with anyone with minimal sensitivity for masterful language and smart poetic prose, I fell in love with their work. It wasn’t a healthy kind of love, though; it was the kind of love in which I pretended not to see all the red flags and continuously reminded myself how perfect the object of my affections was, in hopes that my affirmations would make the soul-crushing bits disappear.